Plumbing Repair Frederick, MD

plumbing repair frederick mdIf you have a backed up toilet, clogged sink, or leaky pipe, you do not need to call an expensive plumber to come out as Principal Home Services can answer the call and take care of almost all plumbing repairs near the Frederick area. We make sure to first evaluate the extent of the damage, then we follow a step-by-step procedure to make all fixes. There is no job too big or small when it comes to residential repairs of plumbing, therefore we rely on our extensive experience to find the right solution for our customers.

Hot Water Heater Replacement

Has the water in your home not been staying warm recently? It may be time for a new hot water heater. The nice thing is that there are many options now available including a tankless water heater or a digital interface. Your water heater may also simply need a new heating element which would be a simple fix most of the time. We have seen an influx in Frederick particularly as many of the homes are over 10 years old and in need of an update to the water heater. Don’t let the problem persist, as you could be stepping into an ice cold shower before long! Simply give us a call and we will come out to determine what is the best option for you.tankless water heater

Expert Plumbers

Principal Home Services are a quick to answer any call when you need a plumber for your Frederick home. We have seen that there are many types of concerns for homeowners, but mostly we know that you want a professional who can easily handle the issue and not cost you a huge sum. We have extensive training in all areas of plumbing, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the work we complete. If you have ever had a bad experience with a plumbing contractor, then you know that not all plumbing services are created equal. That is why we offer plumbing services for a lower rate and make sure we can take on the project, and do a satisfactory job for you. We will provide service for any of the following plumbing needs:

  • Faucet Repair and Replacement
  • Shower Repair and Replacement
  • Toilet clogging and replacement
  • Clogged Sinks and Showers

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