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Whether preparing to buy a new house or getting ready to sell your current one, a home inspection is necessary to make sure all aspects of the home are in proper working conditions.  Principal Home Services is a fully licensed and insured home inspection company located in Frederick, Maryland. We provide our clients with the important information needed to make knowledgeable decisions about the property in a clear, concise, and easy to understand professional manner. We serve clients within the Frederick area and surrounding counties throughout Maryland.


With a comprehensive background in the fire department as well as home improvements, Principal Home Services is a step ahead of most inspection companies. Having a background of 20+ years experience in the fire department, this has provided us with a more in-depth knowledge of the structure of the buildings as well as the proper safety standards for your home. We’ve performed a vast amount of home safety inspections through the county for both residential and commercial dwellings. We are also trained to look for any issues that would not provide a safe and adequate living environment such as carbon monoxide, radon or gas.


With a vast background in home improvements, we are knowledgeable on everything from the roof to foundation and everything in between. Understanding the condition of the systems and components of a home is critical when it comes to purchase, repair and maintenance decisions. At Principal Home Services, we want to help you better understand every issue to make the right choices, and we recognize the importance of credibility, integrity, and trustworthiness to our success as a home inspectior.  We are committed to upholding high ethical standards with every home inspection.   We will provide each client with a detailed electronic report and alert you of all safety, health or maintenance issues of your home.  We will provide you will all the information needed to make an informed decision about your property being inspected.


Home Inspector Checklist

Some of the things we look for during a home inspection include:

– Make sure ridge is straight and level (peak) or showing a sag
– Rafters or trusses
– Deterioration of asphalt shingles, such as curling, warping, broken edges, holes
– Flashing at the chimney
– Decking
– Ventilation

– Masonry caps
– Missing mortar
– Chimney straight not tilted

– Wood, aluminum or plastic soffit and fascia
– Loose or missing sections
– Paint issues

– Slopes of gutters and downspouts
– Peeling paint and rust
– Leaks and loose sections
– Downspouts extend outward

– Look for missing mortar
– Cracking and flaking bricks
– Loose, missing or rotten siding, deteriorated paint.
– Siding over the foundation
– Exterior walls bowed, bulged or leaning

– Look for problems with paint or caulking, and rotted wood components.
– Window age and condition

– Cracking or flaking masonry
– Check for paint problems, rotted wood, and wood-earth contact.
– Separation from house
– Underneath and crawl areas

– Check for cracks, flaking or damaged masonry.
– Note any water markings and efflorescence (whitish, chalky substance)
– Any bowing, bulging or other irregularities
– Soft mortar

– Termite damage
– Wood conditions and rotting
– Rodent holes and harboring/nest areastermite damage
– Potential for insect infestation

– Grade slope and direction
– Any settled/low areas next to the foundation, or cracked walks/driveway
– Relative level to rest of neighborhood

– Note any evidence of water penetration (stains, mildew/odors, efflorescence, loose tiles etc.)

– Check for deteriorated coverings or cracked ceramics.
– Water damage and staining
– Sloping and sagging

– Randomly sample to check that the windows and doors work.
– Walls aligned straight and erect
– Look for cracked or loose plaster.
– Look for stains, physical damage or previous repair evidence.
– Drywall seams and exposed nails

– Check for cracks in the plaster or loose, sagging plaster.
– Look for stains, mechanical damage or evidence of previous repair.
– Seams or nails showing?

– Check that all fixtures are secure.
– Cracks in fixtures
– Tiles and caulking in the tub/shower area.
– Faucet leaks and water pressure
– Look for staining and rot under the counter-tops
– Randomly sample the operation of the cabinet doors and drawers.

– Type, style and age of heating & cooling systems, condition of wiring and grounded circuits
– Type of water supply piping and drains – visible rust and corrosion
– Size and age of electrical service
– Recent upgrade changes

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